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Dear visitor from USA, China, Russia and all the other countries,


we are really pleased to welcome you on our website and feel honoured by your visit. We would appreciate to learn more about you: how did you find our website, in which manner can we support you or answer your questions.

If you like to contact us for further information, please write to info@met2.de. In the following, you will find more information about our stunning and revolutionary tapping method MET:

Since 2002, we have introduced our MET-Tapping-Therapy by more than 500 seminars with more than 14.000 participants. We wrote six books in German. The book „Klopfen Sie sich frei“ was just published in Chinese, the book „Sorgenfrei in Minuten“ was also published in Lithuanian and Spanish and will soon be published in Czech and Romanian. In 2010 we devoloped an Universal App for iPhone and iPad in German, English and Spanish about how to treat various anxieties. This app is an ideal course instructor showing you how to solve flight fear, stage fear, existencial fears and several other fears. Rainer demonstrated the efficiancy of the MET-Method in more than 20 German TV-Shows. You can learn the basics of MET in simply one day to apply in your daily routine.
If you want to organize a seminar in your country with us, simply write us a message to the following e-mail: info@met2.de.  We will be pleased to contact you and talk about the conditions.


Rainer und Regina Franke

Regina and Rainer-Michael Franke

Rainer-Michael Franke, Certified Psychologist-

Therapy, Coaching, Formation, Training, Seminars  

since 1986


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MET - Meridian Energy Techniques for dissolving fear and anxiety

You suffer from fear of flying, existential fears, stage fear or other specific fears ?

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Feedback from participants of our seminars:

"I really enjoyed the seminar. This method acquits me from the demigods in white, healers and gurus and offers me possibilities to balance myself. Rainer-Michael Franke is very self conscious, clear and open, and renders possible also to very normal people the access to Meridian Energy Techniques."

"These two days were a wonderful event and I am overwhelmed by the effect of Meridian Energy Techniques. Within 15 minutes I reach my most profound depths!!! I finally could identify a feeling that is well known to me as a life long obstacle, which I could until now only encircle but never fathom completely."

Klopfen Sie sich frei auf Chinesisch

Klopfen Sie sich frei! in Chinese:

Klopfen Sie sich frei!: M.E.T. - Meridian-Energie-Techniken.

Order in Chinese.

Order in German.

原文作者:Rainer-Michael Franke,Ingrid Schlieske
語言:繁體中文 ISBN:9789866362491

Buch Sorgenfrei in Litauischer Sprache

Rainer und Regina Franke:

Sorgenfrei in Minuten

as well in Lithuanian:

Rainer ir Regina Franke

Išsivaduokite iš rūpesčių per minutę

ISBN: 9955-604-56-5 :: 224 psl. :: 2006 m.

Leidykla "Algarve", Rinktines g. 3/1, LT-09200 Vilnius

www.algarve.lt, El. p. algarve@takas.lt

im Katalog der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek

Kiekvienas iš mūsų galime išstuksenti sau sveikatą ir laimę pasinaudodami energetine meridianų technika.

Energetinis meridianų stuksenimas padeda išgydyti psichines traumas, depresiją, pyktį, įsiūtį, kaltės jausmą tiesiog per kelias minutes. Ir tam nereikia terapeuto. Kiekvienas savo rankose turi raktą į dvasinę laisvę, gali pats išstuksenti tai, ko jam reikia, atsikratyti piniginių rūpesčių, antsvorio ar vidinių žaizdų, kurios jį seniai kankina

Buch Sorgenfrei in Spanischer Sprache

Rainer und Regina Franke

Sorgenfrei in Minuten in Spanish Language:

ISBN 9788478086672
Páginas 216
Encuadernación RUSTICA
Precio 15.00 €

Los autores nos presentan en este libro una técnica revolucionaria, sencilla de aplicar y altamente efectiva para aliviar cualquier tipo de malestar emocional o de dolor físico. Se ha comprobado su utilidad en el tratamiento del

  • Dolor emocional y el estrés postraumático
  • Los miedos, las fobias, el pánico, la ansiedad y la inseguridad
  • La ira, la culpabilidad, el rencor y la frustración
  • Las adicciones, las compulsiones y el estrés
  • La apatía y la depresión
  • El dolor de cabeza, los dolores físicos en general y las alergias.

Al mismo tiempo, el MET mejora la capacidad de aprendizaje, así como el rendimiento profesional y deportivo, y es una valiosa herramienta de introspección y meditación.


(c) 2005 Franke2 Die Akademie S.L.U.